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Five Bold Predictions for How the Coronavirus will Shape Our Business Future

For years technology companies have been promising a revolution in how we do business.  Fully paperless office spaces, seamless collaborative tools, and the ability to effortlessly transition from one work task to another.

Unfortunately, as the number of tools in a business’s arsenal has grown, so too has the complexity of human interaction with those tools.  The holy trifecta of business automation, cloud accessibility, and an endless ecosystem of digital devices have only led to a sea of fragmented business experiences.

While the slow march of technology continues to shift how we do business, there’s an unexpected catalyst that may push things forward at a more rapid pace.  That catalyst, which has to date brought the worldwide economic system to a halt, may actually bear new fruit in regards to digital businesses.  Like a forest fire giving way to new growth, the worldwide pandemic that is the coronavirus may, in its wake, leave an oxygen-rich environment for digital businesses to thrive.  Innovation is born from the constraints imposed on society, and right now society has a new set of constraints that has seismically shifted the entire world into the digital realm.

As a result, here are a few predictions for how the spread of the coronavirus may actually accelerate the speed at which we do business…

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