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Over the Air (OTA) Television Isn’t Over: 5 Step Guide to Getting The Most Out of Free TV

Streaming TV is proliferating, traditional cable TV providers now offer streaming-only TV options, and good old fashioned Over the Air (OTA) TV is dead.

No, wait – that’s not right. Over the Air (OTA) TV is thriving.

Despite a seemingly endless supply of streaming content now available via the web, one would think traditional (linear, live, over the air) television is dying a slow death, but in reality, the cord-cutting movement of the last 5 years has reversed that trend.

According to Nielsen, over 16 million homes now receive OTA programming, and that number continues to grow.

So how can you cut the cord, drop your streaming service(s) and get the most out of free television? Check out our quick five-step guide below.

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