Hi, I'm Travis Duncan

My purpose is to make the digital world an effortless, ubiquitous, and meaningful part of the life experience of others. I have experience in Digital Strategy, Customer & User Experience, Product Leadership, Project & Program management, Agile Software Development, People & Performance Management, but my most important experience is in working with great teams that build user-centered software and technology.

I'm also passionate about innovation, collaboration, and the many ways technology can be used as a vehicle for improving lives and enriching relationships. It's this passion that drives my primary business belief: people should drive technology, not the other way around. By focusing on people and social relationships first, we can leverage technology as a catalyst for improving, not complicating, one's quality of life. It is from this perspective, that of the user of the technology rather than the technology itself, that technology can be used to shape the world.

Travis Duncan

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